‘Morchem PL 2727 AR + CF-740 R’ Laminating Adhesive Receives a RecyClass Recyclability Approval

Morchem is among the latest companies to receive a RecyClass Recyclability Approval, following independent, standardised testing.

The laminating adhesive ‘Morchem PL 2727 AR + CF-740 R’ was found to be fully compatible when used up to 4 wt% of the PE film, following the state-of-the-art recycling process for natural flexible PE in Europe.

The trials were performed by Aimplas in accordance with the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE films. Results showed no deviations to the quality of recyclates are present when processing PE films containing Morchem’s technology.

This solvent-free aromatic laminating adhesive is addressed to be used in all mono-PE structures for flexible packaging, being one of a few aromatic-based laminating adhesives approved in the mentioned plastic stream.

This achievement highlights Morchem’s commitment to develop a laminating adhesive aligned with recyclability principles, as part of its efforts as a member of the RecyClass Laminating Adhesives Working Group.

These trials also serve as a testament to the plastic industry that through innovation it is possible to overcome inherent recycling issues that the use of certain chemical components pose. Thereby, adverse effects such as the yellowing of recyclates or the generation of gels in the recycling processes can be avoided.


Source: RecyClass (Brussels, September 19, 2023)