Let your Baler Communicate

Orwak, a Swedish provider of solutions for sorting and recycling waste materials, suggests that balers should be able to communicate. That would simplify the collection of bales at customer sites in the recycling business.

According to the company, which belongs to the Sulo group since January 2020, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is part of everyday life. “We expect most advanced tools we use to be connected, enabling us to monitor and control it from a distance. It is reasonable to assume that this also applies to professional equipment such as balers, which compact and bale cardboard boxes and plastic foil.”

Therefore, Orwak provides this option also for its vertical balers. As underlined, “Connect 2.0” is a modem-based M2M communication service empowering the baler to send notifications such as “full bale” and “maintenance required” as push notices. “Vital information is also transferred to the web portal, where the Connect user can log in and easily monitor the fleet of balers and gather interesting baling statistics,” the manufacturer of compaction equipment assures. “It provides unique supervising opportunities, and a premium option is the built-in scale for measuring the bale weight and giving full control over the bales produced.” By this means, recycling companies could

  • keep track of the bale production;
  • optimize logistics and plan the bale collection route;
  • use a cost-saving administrative tool by monitoring the status of the baler and detect error codes.

Orwak Connect is available for the balers types Compact, Multi 9020S, Power and Tom.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2021, Page 47, Photo: Orwak)