Polystyrene Recycling: Agilyx and Technip Energies Collaborate

Technip Energies has announced the initiation of an agreement with Agilyx Corporation.

The companies intend to collaborate and want to accelerate the implementation of Agilyx’s technology for the advanced recycling of post-use polystyrene. Under this agreement, Technip Energies will market and license the integrated technologies of Agilyx depolymerization and its proprietary purification technology, leveraging the expertise, resources and global presence of respective companies.

“Both companies bring strong, specialized experience to this offering. Agilyx contributes its deep experience in chemical recycling of post-use plastics, while Technip Energies has extensive experience in scaling-up technology which will increase the plastic recovery,“ a press release said.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2021, Page 14)