Global Magnetic Separator Market to Grow

According to Research and Market, the global magnetic separator market is expected to grow from 725 million US-Dollar in 2020 to 928 million US-Dollar by 2025.

The compound annual growth rate is projected at 5.1 percent. As reported, one of the major driving factors for the magnetic separator market is the increase in recycling rates across the world. Due to the stringent rules and regulations of quality in the food & beverages industry, the demand for magnetic separators was also increasing. Expansion and urbanization in developing countries would also drive the expansion rate in this segment. “However, the manufacturing of low-quality magnetic separators in developing countries restrains the market growth,” Research and Market said. Magnetic separators are used for various processes in the recycling industry. Owing to an increase in the waste produced by countries across the world, the need for recycling is ever increasing.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2021, Page 14)