Cross Wrap Helps to Update Recycling Operations

Finnish machine manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy has been providing automatic bale wrapping machines for over 26 years.

The company’s original Cross Wrap bale wrapping method has become an industry-standard in waste and alternative fuel bale wrapping. Today Cross Wrap’s lineup consists of machines for bale wrapping, automa­tic bale openening, bale dewiring, and board product packaging. More than 500 Cross Wrap machines in over 55 different countries are in use today.

Covid-19 brought a situation the world has never seen before. Changes needed to be done immediately in the company’s processes and sales. Today all actions are done remotely, and operations have been running without problems.

Cross Wrap automatic bale wrapping has become an industry standard operating
model in waste-to-energy operations (Photo: Cross Wrap Ltd.)

CW Bale Dewiring in recycling plants – Automation in material feeding
“Well yes, I cannot believe why this is still done inside a plastic recycling plant where all the latest technology is in use. Manual bale wire cutting in material infeed is something we want to get rid of, it is dangerous work and a task that shouldn’t be manual in 2020.” Cross Wrap Oy Sales Manager Eetu Laatikainen remembers a customer’s note.

Manual bale wire cutting is not in level with safety regulations of a socially responsible company that cares about their employee’s health and well-being. “This may still be the reality in many recycling plants that receive their material in bales, but we are happy that things are changing towards safer and more efficient material feeding in recycling plants around the world”, Eetu Laatikainen continues. If a plastic recycling plant or any other material recycling plant is receiving its recyclable material in bales, CW (Cross Wrap) Bale Dewiring machine is a safe and efficient solution. If bales are wrapped in film, the automatic and safe bale opening solution is the CW Bale Opener.

The CW Dewiring machine is used in several sectors in recycling, and the first machine was developed for a paper mill in Finland in 2015. After the first pilot and testing phase, Cross Wrap started to market the Dewiring machine in 2017. Today, there are over 25 machines in use in 12 countries in sectors such as mixed plastic recycling, PET recycling, straw (Bagasse), paper mills using recycled cardboard and paper, Waste to Energy, etc.

CW Bale wrapping – Possibilities in material handling
Cross Wrap’s most known machines are the CW Bale Wrappers. These Bale wrappers have been engineered for the waste and recycling industry needs, and during the past 26 years, this unique and patented bale wrapping solution has become the industry standard in waste bale wrapping.

“When listening to the customers, we have heard examples such as: ‘This Cross Wrap machine is what we need. My company is having storage problems with alternative fuel, as the bulk material warehouse burned down in a fire.’ We can solve these kinds of problems with Cross Wrap bale wrapping”, Eetu Laatikainen explains.

Eetu Laatikainen, Cross Wrap Sales
Manager for Germany, Switzerland, and
Austria (Photo: Cross Wrap Ltd.)

“The automatic bale wrapping offers many benefits to our customers such as saving space during storage; the storages remain clean, and there are no rats or birds nor neighbors who are complaining of waste and litter flying in the wind. Baling and wrapping also help to avoid the risk of fire as the cross wrapped bales don’t let oxygen inside”, Eetu Laatikainen summarizes.
One key feature is also the benefit of transporting materials in wrapped bales. Therefore, normal trucks and lorries can be used instead of garbage trucks. That helps to bring down transport costs, gives new possibilities for efficient alternative fuel transport, and opens the possibility for alternative fuels export.

Cross Wrap and Covid-19 adjustments
“We started the Cross Wrap Webinars shortly after it was clear that no trade fairs, seminars, or conferences would be held in the coming months. As traveling is not possible, we wanted to have a platform to keep in touch with our partners and customers. In the latest webinar, there were registrations from 45 countries. As we have sold machines to over 55 countries during the past 26 years, we were pleased to see how broad audience we could get to the online webinar”, Eetu Laatikainen explains.

After traveling restrictions is going to free up slowly, Cross Wrap sees that business traveling will not need to rise to the same level as it was before the crisis. “Webinars are actions that we will keep on doing. Each company – Cross Wrap included – has become better in using online meeting tools, and we may avoid some traveling and unnecessary flights across the globe in the future. For sure, we will still be participating in the most important exhibitions and seminars in the future when it is safe again”, Eetu Laatikainen says and welcomes all who are interested in participating in the next Cross Wrap Free Webinars held online.


(GR22020, Page 41, Advertorial, Photo: Cross Wrap Ltd.)