New Website Focused on Battery Recycling

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. has launched a new website ( for the battery recycling initiative utilizing the company’s proprietary hydrometallurgical process.

According to the Canadian firm, the Re-2Ox process has already been successfully used in developing a cobalt sulfate compound for end-use in lithium-ion batteries. Now, the company is seeking to deploy this process in the recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries and other recyclables that contain metals of value.

As reported, potentially 90 percent of recyclable battery material will be available for processing with no accessible global recycling capacity availability. However, the Re-2Ox process is amenable to the feedstock of used battery material, which is now widely obtainable, Canada Silver Cobalt emphasized. “We strongly considered this initiative a few years ago, but initial research turned up a lack of feedstock at that time, but this has now changed, “ CEO Frank J. Basa, P.Eng., commented. “With feedstock currently available and coupled with the Re-2Ox process, the path is clear for the company to develop what can be a robust and ever-increasing potential income stream by providing future tolling services for the treatment of used batteries.”

The percentage of a Li-ion battery’s weight that comes from valuable cathode material is 30 to 40 percent with the value of the lithium-ion battery market projected to be upwards of 70 billion US-Dollar next year, Canada Silver Cobalt referred to the International Energy Agency, US Department of Energy. If current trends for handling these spent batteries would not change, “the majority will end up in landfills despite the fact that Li-ion batteries can be recycled. These batteries contain valuable metals and other materials that can be recovered, processed and re-used; however, little recycling goes on today. The opportunity is right in front of us as the world stands at the inception of a mega-trend or global shift away from carbon-producing transport to electrified transport. To date, the media focus has been on the front-end savings without addressing the back end, which has to be recognized if green goals are to be fully realized.” The company sees this as a major opportunity that will grow for decades as these now-established mega-trends continue to accelerate, not just in North America but also around the world.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2021, Page 9, Photo: Canada Silver Cobalt Works / re-2ox)