New Planetary Drive Series for Recycling Machines

Italian drive specialist Bonfiglioli has launched the new R3 planetary gearbox series, designed specifically for recycling machines such as shredders and others.

According to the internationally active company, which operates worldwide in 80 countries with 20 branches, 13 production facilities and a wide distribution network, the R3 series is compact and powerful. “Their planetary gear train makes them the ideal choice for all severe duty applications where shock loads and impacts are the rule rather than the exception. Adverse conditions, which often prevail in the recycling process, are easily absorbed by the gearbox,” the designer, manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters assures. Fast speed changes were no problem for the compact yet extremely powerful R3 gearboxes. As underlined, the product configuration is highly flexible due to several options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface. According to the torque need and customer machine layout, the R3 series can be equipped with one, two or four hydraulic motor adapters. An electric motor adapter is also available upon request.

The planetary drives are available in four sizes with a torque range from 129,000 up to 370,000 Nm (Newton meter) and gear ratios from 56 to 117.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2021, Page 46, Photo: Bonfiglioli)