ETW Presents New Range of Standardized ETW SmartCycle® Biomethane Plants

The optimized portfolio enables more effective biogas upgrading.

The specialist for combined heat and power plants and biomethane plants, ETW Energietechnik from Moers, has optimized the delivery program of its proven biogas upgrading system, ETW SmartCycle® PSA, for worldwide use on biogas and waste fermentation plants. The aim of the development was a significant reduction of investment costs as well as execution time. With the new plant standard, the effective upgrading process can be adapted even more specifically and economically to the respective application areas.

Even the „XL“ plant model experiences a very high degree of prefabrication at the ETW Energietechnik plant in Moers due to its design. (Photo: ETW)

This reduces costs by an average of around 15 percent compared to custom-made products; production and installation time on site are reduced by around 30 percent overall. The general benefits of the ETW SmartCycle® PSA, such as minimal energy requirements, maximum turndown flexibility, long component service life, and low maintenance requirements, remain.

The new modular concept for upgrading biogas to natural gas quality is based on a modular system consisting of ISO standard containers in the standard sizes 20‘, 40‘ and 45‘. With six standardized systems, the delivery program serves plant sizes with a raw gas capacity of 550 up to 4000 Nm³/h. „The result is a compact biogas upgrading system that is also well suited for large biogas volume flows,“ says product manager Sayethan Kirubaharan, explaining the purpose of the relaunch.

ISO standard containers not only reduce transport costs, but also make bureaucracy very uncomplicated – regardless of whether transport is by road, rail or sea. All container modules are prefabricated at ETW Energietechnik’s plant in Moers and assembled in the newly built ten-meter-high production hall exactly as they will later be erected on site.

This manufacturing principle means that all strategically important intermediate elements such as connecting parts, piping, and external units such as cooling systems and activated carbon filters can be perfectly matched. All assemblies are delivered to the construction site in prefabricated modules, so that the plant is ready for operation just two weeks after delivery. „ETW Energietechnik supplies the plants in accordance with both the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and the ASME standard for worldwide use,“ adds Kirubaharan.

Source: ETW Energietechnik GmbH (Moers, Germany, February 09, 2022)