Global Recycling Foundation Calling all Recycling Heroes to Be Recognised on Global Recycling Day

Closing date for entries in Global Recycling Foundation’s #RecyclingHeroes competition is fast approaching.

$1000 prize money for each of the winners is waiting for ten winners who will be able to promote their work to audiences around the world marking Global Recycling Day.

The #RecyclingHeroes competition which has now been launched is asking for nominations including individuals, businesses and communities who are making exceptional strides with their innovative recycling initiatives.

On 18 March, cities and organisations all over the world will be participating in Global Recycling Day – an annual initiative which raises awareness about the many ways we can all turn ‘waste’ into a valuable resource.

Global Recycling Day is today celebrated across all continents of the World from Africa to Asia to Europe to Americas & Oceania. A day for all of us to join hands and work together in helping to reduce pollution whilst helping meet COP26 goals.

Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation said: “The purpose of this competition is to promote the crucial role of recycling to combat increasing threats to the environment and to showcase just what each and every individual and organisation can do themselves to make a vital difference, even in times of great difficulty as we battle with COVID 19.”

A reminder: the closing entry date for this year’s competition is 08th March.

About Global Recycling Foundation
The Global Recycling Foundation supports the promotion of recycling, and the recycling industry, across the world in order to showcase its vital role in preserving the future of the planet. It will promote Global Recycling Day as well as other educational programmes, awareness projects and innovation initiatives which focus on the sustainable and inclusive development of recycling.


Source: Global Recycling Foundation (London, February 10, 2022)