Tana Presented New Machines at IFAT

Finnish machine producer Tana has expanded its product range with a new shredder model and a completely new type of disc screen.

The new mobile waste shredder named “TANA 220DTeco” is mechanically similar to the “TANA 440 Shark” shredder, except it is powered by a single hydraulic motor. The machine, launched at IFAT, is capable of handling municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, wood waste and solid recovered fuel, the company informed. More challenging waste types, such as tires, could be shredded by the larger TANA 440 Shark. “The TANA 220DTeco can process waste at the same speed as its big brother but with half the torque. Both models share the same wearing parts. The new shredder comes with tracks and is powered by a Stage V compliant engine.”

New in the model range of the Finnish manufacturer is also the “TANA X553T” disc screen. “A special feature of our disc screen is its modular screening table, which makes it possible to adjust it to the desired particle size in just 15 minutes. This also facilitates servicing,” the company’s Product Manager Eetu Tuovinen was quoted. As reported, the standard-equipped machine can screen material into two different fractions. “A third conveyor is available as an option, making it possible to screen material into three different fractions. For example, the first quarter of the screening table can be used to screen fine materials smaller than 20 millimeters, while the following three quarters can be used to screen medium-sized fractions between 20 and 100 millimeters. Any larger materials become excess.”

According to Tana, the new shredder and disc screen form an ideal machine chain, “as they can process the same waste types at the same speed. The disc screen also has a large hopper that makes it possible to feed the machine with a wheeled loader.”

Furthermore, Tana’s “ProTrack” remote monitoring system has been expanded to create the “TanaConnect” portal, which includes many new features. It can be used on any device connected to the Internet, such as a smartphone or desktop computer. The new remote monitoring capabilities, which are already in use at the factory and dealers, will also be available to customers this year, the machine manufacturer announced.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2022, Page 40, Photo: Tana)