New Diagnostics Tool for Batteries of E-Vehicles

The new analysis software BattMan ReLife is used as a means of initial diagnosis in battery recycling at the pilot plant of Volkswagen Group Components in Salzgitter (Germany).

A high-voltage battery may be reused in a vehicle either in whole or in part. That depends on the capacity that the inspection system detects. The battery receives a “second life” as a mobile or stationary energy reservoir, or the material might be returned to cell production through an innovative recycling process. According to Volkswagen AG, the first version of the BattMan (Battery Monitoring Analysis Necessity) software was developed by the Audi Brussels quality management department for the quick and reliable analysis of Audi e-tron’s high-voltage battery. It is already in use as a diagnostics tool for several brands of the Volkswagen Group. “BattMan then underwent further development in cooperation with recycling experts at Volkswagen Group Components prior to the opening of the pilot plant for battery recycling in Salzgitter.

After several months of programming and testing, BattMan ReLife emerged as the new analysis solution that provides a reliable first assessment of a battery in just a few minutes to help set its further course. Previously, this process took several hours.”

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2022, Page 12)