Recycled Products Kickstarts Global Recycling Foundations Reforestation Initiative

CHESHAM-based metal recycling firm Recycled Products this week planted 20 trees to mark Global Recycling Day on 18 March.

The firm has committed to planting a total of at least 250 saplings in the Chilterns in support of a reforestation initiative run by the organisers of Global Recycling Day. The event, held in conjunction with the Global Recycling Foundation (GRF), also marked 20 years in business by Recycled Products. Recycled Products were honoured to have the founding president of the GRF, Ranjit Baxi, join with managing director Susie Burrage in planting the first tree – a Prunus Cherry Plum, which had just started to blossom.

The other trees include beech, which have come to symbolise the idyllic Chilterns countryside. The event was filmed by DGTV, an Indian television company and will be broadcast there. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to climate change, and release oxygen into the air. A single tree can produce enough oxygen for four people. Unfortunately, an analysis of emissions shows 306 million tonnes of carbon dioxide were released in Britain in 2020.

Recycled Products is leading the way in backing the UK’s goal to be net carbon neutral by 2050. By using recycled copper, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 65% compared to use of mined primary copper, for example. Recycling aluminium gives a higher 92% reduction, and the figure is a headline, 99% for recycled lead.

Susie Burrage, managing director of Recycled Products, said: “All recycled materials are inherently low carbon, so metal recyclers have a key role to play as society looks to cut CO2 emissions in the decades ahead. This doesn’t absolve us of all responsibility for working on reducing our own carbon footprint, however. “Global Recycling Day is a great reminder that we all – from individuals to large companies and governments – must play our part in achieving net-zero carbon emissions and limit the worst effects of climate change. Those of us working in the recycling sector are more aware of this than most and are therefore making every effort to limit our carbon emissions. Recycled Products are offsetting unavoidable emissions by planting trees.”

To read more about GRF’s pledge to mark global recycling day, click here:

Source: Recycled Products Ltd. (London, UK, March 18, 2021)