Norway: Tom Wilhelmsen Invests in New C&D Recycling Plant

The soils wash plant will be the fourth C&D waste recycling plant in Norway engineered by CDE, a provider of wet processing equipment for recycling operations quarries, and mines on the global market.

Massebalanse Norge AS, the waste management division of Tom Wilhelmsen AS, is set to commission the new CDE waste recycling plant in Disenå in Norway’s second largest county, Innlandet. It will realize an annual capacity of 350,000 tons, CDE informed, and was the latest deal to have been secured with strategic partner Nordic Bulk, an expert in bulk material processing plants. It comes as the family-owned and operated firm “is announced as an official climate partner in the city of Oslo, a certification which reflects its commitment to adopting sustainable practices to offset the environmental impact of its operations and that of the Norwegian materials processing and construction industries as a whole”. In pursuit of that, the company has committed to establishing a zero emissions operation by 2025.

As reported, Tom Wilhelmsen AS became the first transport company in Norway to use fully electric tipper trucks for construction operations in 2020. Today, it would operate six Volvo FE Electric tipper trucks. “By 2023, it will double the size of its electric vehicle fleet as it responds to increasing demand for sustainably sourced and processed construction materials.”

Fulfilling that demand will be CDE’s state-of-the-art wash plant. With a processing capacity of up to 250 tons per hour, the plant will accept a variable feed of excavated and contaminated soils to produce a range of new, saleable sand and aggregate products for the construction industry.

Material coming in to then be transported to future wash plants by electric trucks (Photo: CDE)

In-spec end products, including soil, gravel and stone will have applications in cement production, roadworks and other construction, infrastructure and public works projects.

Much like its pledge to minimize noise pollution in the communities in which it operates through the rollout of an all-electric fleet of vehicles, the new CDE plant will be installed indoors in an existing 4,400 square meter unit in the Sør-Odal municipality. “The benefits of this approach are two-fold, as the indoor plant with exterior stockpiles means the plant can operate year-round and avoid costly downtime as a result of adverse weather conditions.”

Furthermore, Tom Wilhelmsen AS is currently exploring plans to commission a rail route between its C&D waste reception center in Oslo and the site of its new CDE wash plant, the information said. If approved, plans could see a significant reduction in road transportation as the company transitions to an electrified rail freight line to transport material some 65 kilometers to the processing site.

Groundworks were announced to begin this summer with a view to the plant being operational early next year.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 19, Photo: CDE)