New Waste Podcast Series: Wise Women in Waste

On 8th March, Anthesis Group, a sustainability consultancy, will be releasing a new podcast called, “Wise Women in Waste”, in time for Global Recycling Day (18th March) and International Women’s Day (8th March).

This podcast series will be hosted by leading technical waste specialists: Debbie Hitchen and Claudia Amos, Directors at Anthesis Group. They will be joined by other women in the waste industry to talk about their experiences as well as discussing the latest news and advancements within the sector.

The topics they will be discussing include:

  • Experiences of women in the sector – From challenges they have experienced to opportunities for women in the industry, they delve into the varied experiences that guests have encountered throughout their careers.
  • The latest news and global developments in the waste & resources sector – Guests will share their deep technical knowledge from policy, regulation and crime to new processes for plastic recycling.
  • The circular economy – How it is connected to climate change and the decisive decade and how it is a prerequisite to climate neutrality.

Debbie Hitchen and Claudia Amos  have a combined 50 years of experience in the waste sector. Vastum, the award winning waste tracking system designed for Defra, was developed by the waste team at Anthesis:

  • Debbie Hitchen is the Director at Anthesis Group and leads the Sustainable Products, Circularity and Chemistry team. With over 15 years in consultancy, Debbie has managed has managed projects in manufacturing, retail, waste management and the public sector, delivering waste prevention activities, increasing reuse, improving waste collections and operations.
  • Claudia Amos is the Technical Director at Anthesis Group and has over twenty years’ experience across the waste hierarchy, particularly around material sorting and separation, biological and thermal waste treatment concepts. Claudia is a highly experienced waste professional who leads on waste infrastructure for our resource sustainability team, covering a range of international waste recycling, recovery and technology, secondary material and renewable energy projects.

Anthesis Group is a sustainability activator and has 500+ experts globally driving sustainability initiatives for clients such as North Face, Nestle, IHG, and Nespresso. As well as consulting clients,the company also has a strong tech offering with more than 20 software tools (including Vastum), some designed in-house. The client reach is global, ranging from the UK to the US, to the Middle East to Asia Pacific.

Live link for the podcast series:

Source: Anthesis Group (UK, London, March 01, 2021)