Demand for Optimization Drives Smart Waste Management

At the end of last year, Slovakia-based tech company Sensoneo looked back at the biggest trends influencing smart waste management in 2022.

Being present in about 80 countries, the provider of smart waste management solutions has observed a demand for waste management optimization, connected to increasing waste management costs, new regulations and growing environmental consciousness.

According to Sensoneo, in 2022 main drivers were:

  • Increasing prices for collection and treatment of waste
  • Incentivizing citizens to create less waste and recycle
  • Middle East emerging as one of the top regions for implementing smart waste solutions
  • Novel ways to waste monitoring
  • Implementing deposit return schemas in more countries
  • Factories embracing ESG goals

“The trends are also reflected in Sensoneo’s projects of 2022, which include deposit return scheme integration in two countries (Slovakia and Malta), complex waste monitoring deployments in Argentina, Island, Saudi Arabia, or Norway, or implementing smart bin access management,” the company underlined.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2023, Page 21, Photo: Sensoneo)