BIR Receives ‘Mother Earth Award’ at Madrid Gala

The Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling (FER) recognizes Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) for its commitment to environmental protection and education.

On Thursday 8th June, BIR became the 20th recipient of the FER’s prestigious ‘Mother Earth Award’ during FER’s National Congress. Accompanied by cheers from the audience, the award was accepted by Susie Burrage OBE, newly appointed BIR President and the first female President in its 75-year history, and by Director General Arnaud Brunet.

FER’s Board of Directors – lead by President Ion Olaeta and Director General Alicia Garcia-Franco – wished to recognise BIR’s pioneering legacy and future commitment to sustainability and the environment during BIR’s 75th anniversary year.

“We granted our ‘Mother Earth Award’ to BIR to highlight its strong commitment and firm defence of environmental protection and recycling, as well as its important contribution in the sharing of environmental values across society,” comments Ms Garcia-Franco.

Mr Olaeta adds: “Across its 75-year history, BIR has continually represented and defended the interests of the recycling industry on the international stage. It has done so steadfastly and with great professionalism, helping raise the critical issues of sustainability and the protection of our ‘mother earth’ around the world. This award thanks the BIR leadership for their tireless efforts, exceptional contributions and outstanding initiatives over the past 75 years and we eagerly look forward to more consolidated actions by BIR and its members.”

Ms Burrage and Mr Brunet accepted the award during a ceremony at FER’s Gala Dinner held in the Hotel Don Carlos Beach Club in Marbella, in the presence of most of the over 500 participants attending the 20th National Congress of Recovery and Recycling (8th-9th June 2023).

“I was absolutely delighted to receive the ‘Mother Earth Award’ as one of my first official duties as BIR President,” commented Ms Burrage. “I am passionate about the links between recycling and the environment, and our industry’s commitment to sustainability – indeed it was central to my campaign to become BIR President. We need to tell the world, more explicitly and more loudly than we have ever done before, just how integral the international recycling industry is to the circular economy and the long-term health of our planet. Awards such as this one not only underpin the work we are all doing but spur us on to greater heights. On behalf of everyone at BIR I wholeheartedly thank FER for this incredible recognition.”

Source: BIR (Brussels, June 09, 2023)