UBQ Wins Quality Innovation Award 2020

UBQ Materials, an Israeli-based cleantech startup, has been recognized as the best in “circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations” for its technology transforming landfill-destined waste into a bio-based, infinitely reusable thermo-plastic.

As reported by the company in January this year, the prize was one of 25 awarded by the Finnish Quality Association after a strict methodology evaluation based on novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and effectiveness.

According to the information, UBQ’s patented process converts unsorted organic household waste – food, paper, cardboard and mixed plastics – into a bio-based raw material substituting oil-based plastics in product manufacturing. Every ton of the produced material would remove the equivalent of nearly 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment. In the opinion of Quantis, a global environmental impact assessments leader, “this qualifies UBQ Material as the most climate positive thermoplastic on the market”.

As underlined by the company, the emerging UBQ ecosystem touches on a series of industries, from fashion and retail to restaurant and automotive:

  • The company is partnering with Arcos Dorados, the largest independent McDonald’s franchisee in the world with restaurants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, to incorporate UBQ material into the brand’s plastic serving tray. In this first phase, 7,000 serving trays made with it will be introduced throughout Brazil.
  • Last year, global retail solutions provider Mainetti announced its partnership with UBQ Materials to introduce the new standard for product innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. Mainetti’s “exclusive collaboration with UBQ for hangers offers brands across the fashion and retail industries a cost-effective method to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and a new way to put action towards the current waste crisis,” the Israeli firm gave account.
  • The company has also announced a collaboration with Daimler, manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, for the implementation of UBQ material in car parts.

First full-scale production facility
In September last year, UBQ Materials announced its plans to establish its first full-scale production facility in the Netherlands, joining its pilot plant in southern Israel. The Netherlands facility would have an annual production output of 70,000 tons.

The company is supported by an international advisory board that includes Roger Kornberg (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry), Connie Hedegaard (former EU Commissioner for Climate Action) and John Elkington (a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainability).


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2021, Page 23, Video-Screenshot: UBQ Materials)