ECOCLIP: Redefining Pre-consumption Textile Recycling

Hidden within the production cycle of the textile industry lies pre-consumption waste – a significant byproduct generated during manufacturing. ECOCLIP, an innovative product by PICVISA, emerges as an effective and efficient solution to this challenge.

ECOCLIP automatically sorts fabric scraps, driving a sustainable transformation in the sector. With 100 percent surface analysis, the system identifies pure fibers and fiber blends across various colors. It can process 2.5 tons per hour with 95 percent accuracy and handle scrap as small as 25 millimeters. But the system does not stop at sorting. It also detects elements like buttons, zippers, seams, and metal pieces. That ensures the quality of pre-selected materials and heightens safety during the recycling process.


In a regulatory framework where the European Union champions Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), brands will be mandated to increase the percentage of recycled textiles in their products by 2025. ECOCLIP becomes an indispensable tool in this context. Following the lead of recent Dutch legislation, it is anticipated that at least 25 percent of recycled textiles will be “fiber-to-fiber recycled”. ECOCLIP streamlines this process, enabling brands to meet these targets.

ECOCLIP is redefining pre-consumption textile recycling. By facilitating effective reuse and recycling of fabric scraps, this system is paving the way for a circular economy within the textile industry.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 45 -Advertorial-, Photo: PICVISA)