Spanish Company TEIMAS Continues International Expansion in Europe

TEIMAS, a Spanish company that develops technological solutions for professional waste management and the circular economy, has announced its European expansion.

This process, which marks the first phase of its growth strategy, will see the company enter new markets and drive the digitalisation of the waste value chain in large corporations internationally.

TEIMAS, which already operates in Spain, Portugal, and Belgium, will debut in the coming months in other European countries to help local companies meet new environmental regulations and support their sustainability strategies.

According to Miguel Varela, CEO and co-founder of TEIMAS, “through our strategic internationalisation plan, we aim to help large corporations manage their waste as efficiently as possible. Our technological solutions make it easier for them to comply with regulations, lower their waste management costs, and drive their circular economy strategies, encouraging a zero waste mentality”.

TEIMAS recently launched a new version of its Zero software, a cloud-based platform already used by over 30 multinationals in the manufacturing, food and beverage, energy, oil & gas, and telecommunications sectors. Large corporations rely on this solution to store all their waste information in a single place, maintain secure historical data, and access the information they need for inspections, audits, and sustainability reports.

This latest version, known as Zero Autumn Release 2023, makes it possible for multinationals to receive data from other software applications (used by waste managers, agents, traders, etc.), include information on waste-transfer credits and payments, and add rates for every type of waste or waste group. This makes it much easier for them to keep track of all the associated financial data.

Technological solutions from TEIMAS help large companies to implement smart waste management, protect the environment in a cost-effective way, streamline procedures, and reduce data uploading times.

TEIMAS has more than 15 years of experience in the digitalisation of waste management. Its solutions are designed to help companies, protect the environment and people’s health, and ensure compliance with the new regulations on sustainability and circular economy being developed in the EU and neighbouring countries.

“Through our international expansion, we plan to grow 50% per year and establish ourselves in the global market as leaders in waste management for large corporations. Moreover, as we reach new countries, we want to stress the important role companies play in protecting the environment and society, and how technology can help them reduce their impact on nature”, says Varela.

Digitalising the waste value chain is now essential to drive the circular economy at a time when large corporations have demonstrated their critical role in reducing environmental impact.

Currently TEIMAS works with over 900 waste management facilities, and more than 20,000 waste production points use its technological solutions. The company expects to increase these numbers through its international expansion.

Today, large corporations like Telefónica, Damm, Porcelanosa, Red Eléctrica, American Tower España, among others, use technological solutions from TEIMAS to manage their waste and protect the environment.

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Source: TEIMAS (Galicia (Spain), November 27, 2023)