ISCC PLUS Certification for Greenback’s Operations in Cuautla

Greenback Recycling Technologies has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS for its recycling facility in Cuautla, Mexico, and its final product. This recognition is granted to companies voluntarily committed to global sustainability objectives.

According to Greenback, the company’s adherence to the rigorous ISCC PLUS criteria would signify “well-managed operations that meet legal and safety standards, while also demonstrating environmental and social responsibility in production”. The certified product, π-Oil, is acknowledged as a circular feedstock, “ensuring that waste is recycled within the economic system without being discarded”.

ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized voluntary sustainable certification scheme applicable to the bio economy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging and waste. It is used as a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish sustainable production with traceable supply chains from the origin to the final user using environmental, economic and social criteria.

As underlined, ISCC PLUS brings transparency and trust to the plastics recycling value chain. “The audit-based certification works hand-in-hand with eco2Veritas, Greenback’s proprietary intelligent tracking system.” It would support the ISCC PLUS annual auditing process by giving a real-time view with detailed and accurate data on the circular process at any point in time.

Greenback Recycling Technologies is a UK-based advanced recycling company founded in 2018. With a decentralized, small-scale plants operating on Enval microwave-induced recycling processes, the flexible, multilaminate plastics are recycled into π-Oil and aluminum.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2024, Page 17)