Extending Equipment Life: Castolin Eutectic’s Solutions for Wastewater Management

Effective asset management is crucial for maintaining the longevity and reliability of wastewater treatment equipment. This article explores innovative solutions using Castolin Eutectic products (MeCaFix, MeCaWear, and MeCaCorr) to enhance the life cycle of critical components, offering sustainable solutions for asset integrity, reduced downtime, and improved operational efficiency.

Rapid Repairs
Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) face significant challenges in maintaining aging infrastructure while meeting stringent environmental regulations. Rapid repair and in-situ solutions are essential to prevent deterioration and costly equipment failure. Any disruption in WWTP operation can lead to untreated sewage discharge, posing risks to water quality and ecosystems. Fast repairs help minimize downtime, ensuring continuous treatment and preventing environmental harm.

Heavy loads on equipment, such as sludge pumps and mixers, along with hydraulic and vibrational stress, can lead to rapid deterioration. Utilizing fast-curing repair pastes like MeCaFix 100 enables operators to quickly restore components to their original geometry, minimizing downtime and extending service life. MeCaFix 100, a unique blend of polyurea and polyurethane chemistry, cures ten times faster than traditional epoxy repairs. For leak repairs, MeCaWrap W4, a water-activated composite wrap, provides pressure resistance up to 27 bar (400 psi) and allows for a return to service in under ten minutes.

Managing Wear on Components
Clarifiers are integral to the wastewater treatment process and experience deterioration due to cyclic stress exerted by the scraper bridge wheels. The constant movement of the scraper’s wheels, combined with a corrosive environment, initiates wear. Castolin Eutectic’s MeCaWear ceramic polymers restore the tank rim with wear-resistant products designed for resilience against heavy cyclic stress and chemical exposure. MeCaWear 306, a two-component silicon carbide novolac polymer, forms a protective barrier against wear, corrosion, and chemical attack.

Repairing Cast Iron Components
In wastewater management, cast iron components endure significant wear and tear. Pumps, valves, and pipework are exposed to abrasive materials carried within wastewater streams, gradually eroding surfaces. Rebuilding and reinforcing surfaces with durable ceramic-based coatings can extend the operational lifespan of pumps and valves by up to five years.

Concrete Tank Repair
Tanks require maintenance to address cracks and deficiencies in concrete structures, posing risks of environmental contamination. Products like MeCaFix 140, a Kevlar® reinforced polymer compound, offer robust solutions for non-structural defects. Installing a primary lining, such as MeCaCorr 706, onto the tank surface is a cost-effective preventive solution to mitigate further attack on the concrete structure.

By leveraging Castolin Eutectic’s technologies, operators can enhance asset integrity, reduce maintenance costs, and contribute to sustainable wastewater management. Specialist wear-protection engineering can restore components to their prime condition, minimizing downtime and ensuring sustained operation.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2024, Page 40 -Advertorial-, Photos: Castolin Eutectic GmbH)