Organic Chemicals Producer Awarded with Two Certifications

SCS Global Services, a leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development, has awarded dual certifications to MKS DevO Chemicals, based in Turkey.

The company, a leading organic chemicals producer in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA), has achieved, after undergoing an assessment, Recycled Content Certification for its patented product Sultan Black Recycle and Certified Recycling Program for its production facility Bandirma Chemical Complex (BCC). As reported by SCS, “MKS DevO is the world’s first company to produce a sulfide-free sulfur black dye, Sultan Black Recycle, with recycled content which is also recyclable”. While Sulphur Black dye would mostly be used in denim fabric production and produces millions of square meters of wastewater annually, Sultan Black Recycle is a sustainable alternative for denim production. “Until now, denim has been dyed by virgin sulfur black dye,” SCS informed. “The MKS DevO dye contains 51 percent post-consumer recycled content collected from waste sludge from the dyeing process.”

Besides, BCC has also been certified under the SCS Recycling Program. “The facility recycles spent dye process water through ultrafiltration systems,” SCS informed. That would allow capture of the dye to be recycled and the elimination of dye in discharged wastewater.

(GR32020, Page 16, Photo: frozennuch / Pixabay)