Singapore Offers Many Opportunities

Companies wanting to invest in the Republic of Singapore face favorable conditions. As reported by the online edition of Singapore-based newspaper “The Straits Time”, the city-state‘s economy performed in 2017 much better than expected. Therefore, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) upgraded its 2017 full-year gross domestic product (GDP) forecast to three or 3.5 […]

Armenia Will Realize an EU-Compliant Facility for Solid Waste

Supporting Armenia’s effort to become greener, the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership fund (E5P) is co-financing the construction of a new landfill for solid waste for municipalities in the Kotayk and the Gegharkunik regions with a 2 million Euro grant. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which manages this fund, and […]

Invitation to Collaborate

US-based Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) invites organizations which recycle plastics or manufacture healthcare products or packaging materials to join the consortium and to work with industry-leading peers and develop real-world tools and projects to explore various approaches to healthcare plastics recycling across the full value chain. According to HPRC, membership brings the obvious benefit […]

Future Market Opportunities for Problematic PET Bottles

According to a report by Plastic Technologies, Inc., (PTI) an opportunity to create a market for non-colored problematic PET bottles may be available that does not exist today. “However, rigorous performance testing would need to be done to understand how the incorporation of these PET bottles might impact an amber recycle stream,” Plastic Technologies, Inc.*) […]

India and European Union to Strengthen Cooperation

End of June this year, India and The European Union (EU) agreed to strengthen the cooperation in the areas of environment, resource efficiency and circular economy under the Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI) for India. “The necessity of moving to a resource efficient ‘circular economy’ wherein waste is reduced or becomes useful inputs in others, or […]

Straw Gives More Biogas

Researchers at the University of Borås have investigated the possibility to use straw products in the production of biogas. For two years, Ilona Sárvári Horváth, associate professor at the University of Borås, together with other researchers from RISE and Sweden’s agricultural university (SLU) in Uppsala have investigated how straw can be used in the production […]

Biological Waste Treatment in Estonia – First Steps Are Taken

Estonia shows great advancement in complying with EU waste legislation. In 2002 the national waste treatment was composed of 97 percent landfilling and 3 percent recycling. According to latest OECD figures, the recycling rate including recycling and composting reached 31 percent. 150 former non-EU-conform landfill sites were reduced to 5 sanitary landfills under operation. Since […]

Renewable Methanol Market Is Expected to Expand

According to an analysis, provided by US-based Future Market Insights, global sales of renewable methanol is estimated to be valued at 133.3 million US-Dollar by the end of 2016. Renewable methanol is a second generation biofuel and is derived from renewable sources such as biomass, industrial waste, municipal waste and industrial CO2. It is used […]

Ukraine‘s Economic Growth Encourages Investment

The World Bank has improved its forecast for the growth of Ukraine‘s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 to 3.5 percent from 3 percent, the news agency interfax-Ukraine reported in June this year. The forecast for 2019 has been revised upwards to 4 percent from 3 percent. “In Ukraine, government stabilization efforts, supported by international […]

Circular Economy Is a Window of Opportunity

According to a new report by Morgan Stanley’s Sustainability Equity Research team, new technology and increasing climate-based legislation around the world is creating new business opportunities based on the circular economy. As the New York based investment research firm stated, pioneering companies in a number of sectors were already shifting in that direction. “The advantages […]