New SINTEF Project: Recycling EPS from Construction Sector

Tons of reusable polystyrene ends up as plastic waste when buildings are demolished. Researchers want to see more recycling and reuse. According to the Norwegian independent research organization SINTEF, stringent energy efficiency requirements in the building sector mean installing more insulation than ever before. “Every year, we manufacture and import tens of thousands of tons […]

New Textile Recycling and Airlay Line in Guatemala

International technology group Andritz has delivered, installed, and commissioned a mechanical textile recycling line and an airlay line at Novafiber’s nonwovens production mill in Palín, Guatemala. Since December last year, both lines have been successfully operating at one of the leading companies in Guatemala for producing nonwovens from post-industrial textile waste for both the local […]

McDonald’s Portugal Recycles Old Crew Uniforms into Reusable Bags

Last year, the restaurant chain in Portugal debuted brand-new crew uniforms for more than 9,500 employees. But there was the question of what to do with the old uniforms – more than 18,000 – across the country. The company had the idea to give the garments a new life by transforming them into reusable tote […]

Gopher Resource: Development Work with Partners

North American recycling company Gopher Resource has joined a multi-year collaborative consortium working to find new ways to reduce waste and recover more usable materials in metal processing. The initiative – funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) – aims to support a more resilient and sustainable domestic supply chain by investing in next-generation […]

Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund Invested in AMP Robotics

New capital to fuel the ongoing transformation of recycling with AI and automation. USA-based AMP Robotics Corp., a company in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has received financing from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund. According to the developer of AI-enabled solutions, this latest investment brings AMP’s Series C round […]

Maximum Aluminium Purity for the Circular Economy

In order to conserve resources, we need to reuse raw materials as often as possible. That requires recycling material flows that have the highest and most consistent quality possible. It is only with efficient sorting techno­logy that resources can be continually recycled. The STEINERT XSS T uses X-ray transmission (or XRT for short) to reliably […]

New Recycling Plant in Vietnam

Alba Group Asia and VietCycle intend to develop the largest food-grade PET/HDPE plastic recycling plant in Vietnam. For that purpose, Alba Group Asia, one of the leading providers of waste management and recycling solutions with German origin, and VietCycle, a firm with more than 20 years of experience in waste collection and plastic recycling in […]

Producing Refuse-Derived Fuel in Mexico

Since waste, including industrial waste, is frequently disposed of in landfill sites in Mexico, the company Regenera, a Cemex subsidiary, currently concentrates on developing circular economy solutions. Here, the company trusts in Lindner’s shredding experience, the provider pointed out. Mexico is not only known to be the fifth largest country in the Americas, but with […]

PureCycle: Purification Plant Reaches Mechanical Completion

PureCycle Technologies, Inc. announced it reached mechanical completion of its first polypropylene purification plant in Ironton (Ohio, USA). In May, the company informed that it received formal certification of mechanical completion from the site’s independent construction monitor. “The formal certification came three days after PureCycle submitted its documentation to the engineering company.” The evaluation is […]

Demonstration Project for Chemical Recycling Using Microwave-Based Technology

In April this year, Japan-based companies Asahi Kasei and Microwave Chemical launched a joint demonstration project with the objective of commercializing a chemical recycling process for polyamide 66 using microwave technology. As reported by a joint press release, in the demonstration, scraps from manufacturing and post-use waste material of PA66 for airbags and automobile parts […]