Canadian Company Updates Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

Vancouver-based American Manganese Inc. (AMI) has reported that Kemetco has now completed the production of rechargeable lithium ion batteries from recycled materials, produced with AMI’s hydrometallurgical process technology. According to the company, AMI’s research work is on schedule and on budget for the completion and filing of its patent application by November 2017.  The technology […]

Fredrik Olofsson new Sales Manager for Enviro

Enviro’s new Sales Manager Fredrik Olofsson first caught sight of the Gothenburg company through the partnership with Volvo Cars. With over 20 years of experience in sales of polymer products, his aim is to increase the number of industries and applications in which Enviro’s circular material can be an alternative to fossil raw materials. I’ve […]

International Cooperation on Textile Recycling

In 2016 began a four year collaboration to develop industrial solutions and new technologies for textile recycling. The non-profit Swedish H&M Foundation and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), a publicly funded applied research center, have entered into a four year partnership to develop technologies to recycle blend textiles into new […]

Australia: PVC Recycling in Hospitals

In Australia, currently an average of 15 tons of PVC medical waste are reprocessed per month and the PVC Recycling in Hospitals Program continues to expand to other states with collections starting in late 2016. The material is reprocessed in Australia and New Zealand, primarily used in new hoses for fire extinguishers, gardens and industry; […]

USA: Customs Grants Entry of Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridges

Green Project Inc., a company specialized in recycling ink and toner cartridges, is pleased that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has sided with the company in favor of its challenge to CBP‘s seizure of ink and toner cartridges last year. In letters dated February 21 and April 21, the Chief of CBP‘s Intellectual Property […]

Pilot Project to Close Materials Cycle for Beverage Cartons

Komunala Novo mesto d.o.o. was the first municipal services company in Slovenia to take part in a pilot project to close the materials cycle for waste milk, juice and other beverage cartons (used beverage cartons or UBCs). Through a series of specially designed activities, they were encouraging schools and households to collect UBCs separately and […]

Europe: Project to Realize a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

A new project called “Ceflex” is organized by a consortium of European companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. The project mission is to make flexible packaging even more relevant to the circular economy by advancing better system design solutions which result from the collaboration of the companies represented in the consortium. As […]

APK Intends to Build Plastic Recycling Plants in Asia and Europe

German-based company APK Aluminium und Kunststoffe AG plans to set up recycling plants by 2025 together with strategic partners in Europe and South-East Asia in order to strengthen plastics recycling. According to a study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation earlier this year, world-wide plastics production has reached more than 300 million tons per year and […]

USA: New Joint Venture to Commercialize Innovative Technologies

The new business – a joint venture of the investment company Wasson Enterprise and the company Innventure – employs a strategic value creation model to repeatedly create new businesses, including those from proprietary Procter & Gamble technologies. The original Innventure had created a plastics recycling company called PureCycle Technologies. In April, Wasson Enterprise (WE), a […]

Converting Old Fibers into Composite Panels

Since spring this year the Netherlands-based paper manufacturer Van Houtum produces composite panels, made from recycled waste resources ranging from paper and agricultural waste, to textiles and even beverage cups as a raw material feedstock. As of 2018, the planned large scale production facility is scheduled to enter into operation – alongside the current paper […]