Apple’s New Robot Disassembles iPhone to Reclaim Precious Materials

According to Apple Inc., as part of its recycling effort, the producer of computers, smartphones and software has created Daisy, “a robot that can more efficiently disassemble iPhone to recover valuable materials”. The company expressed the conviction that its newest disassembly robot, Daisy, “is the most efficient way to reclaim more of the valuable materials […]

National Sword – No Need for Fear!

Norway-based Tomra Sorting Recycling has published an e-book to help recycling companies to meet China’s National Sword standard. The People’s Republic of China had sent shock waves through the recycling industry by requiring much recyclable material arriving in the country to have purity levels greater than 99.5 percent. According to Tomra Sorting Recycling, the e-book […]

Obstacles to Plastics Trade in Asia

The international scenario of the plastic scrap market due to China’s import ban was the subject of the BIR Plastics Committee. China’s “unprecedented” move to stop plastics scrap imports had “surprised the whole world”, according to Dr. Steve Wong of Fukutomi Co. Ltd and the China Scrap Plastics Association. And in response, many recyclers had […]

A Notable Anniversary

In Barcelona, around 1,100 delegates from 63 countries celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). The global federation has “accomplished a great journey during the last 70 years, growing from a handful of visionary recyclers to a global organization with members in 70 countries across the globe,” BIR World President Ranjit […]

Paper for Recycling: Less Demand in China

Experts believe Chinese imports of recovered fiber could drop to between 15 and 17 million tons in 2018 after having reached almost 29 million tons as recently as 2015, delegates were informed during the BIR’s latest Paper Division meeting, held in Barcelona. One reason for this is the increased amount of used paper in the […]

USA: Goal Is to Increase Residential Recovery of Old Corrugated Containers

Corrugated packaging and recycling industry groups recently met to review recommendations for increasing residential recovery of old corrugated containers (OCC), the Fibre Box Association (FBA) reported in June. The recommendations are a result of research for the Fibre Box Association (FBA), a non-profit trade association that represents North American corrugated packaging manufacturers. In this research, […]

Reduced Contamination and Program Costs of Recovered Paper

Recycling bags could be essential in reducing contamination and capturing lost revenue, according to a new study by researchers at Canadian York University. As reported by the university, the study “Thinking Beyond the Box” – an examination of collection mediums for printed paper and packaging waste using publicly available information and surveys with stakeholders – […]

The Circular Economy Club Is Growing

“The Circular Economy Club (CEC) has become the fastest-growing international, open, collaborative non-profit network in the circular economy field and has had a tremendous impact in connecting individuals and organizations!”, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign proclaimed. Starting two years ago, the CEC network now comprises more than 2,600 circular economy professionals and […]

Kazakhstan: Investor to Build Recycling Plant in Astana

Parallel to completion of the facility, the Central Asian country will prohibit the use of landfills for untreated municipal waste. According to the newspaper “The Astana Times”, the Republic of Kazakhstan’s capital Astana plans to build a recycling plant using French technology to process the city’s waste. The construction will begin in August and is […]

Plastics Recycling Awards Europe Honor Successful Recycling Innovations

Plastics Recyclers Europe has announced the winners of the first Plastics Recycling Awards Europe on 25th of April in Amsterdam. “The very high standard and number of entries we received for each category is a testament to the growing range of consumer and industrial applications in which recycled plastics and recycling technology are being used. […]