Ecomondo 2017: The circular economy in the spotlight

The priority commitments for the Green and Circular economy of the European Commission were the highlights of expo contents and events at Ecomondo and Key Energy, which ended yesterday at Rimini Expo Centre. The event organized by Italian Exhibition Group, ended after being attended by more than 116,000 visitors – a plus of 10 percent […]

IFAT 2018: New recycling legislation brings new impetus to the market

With the amended Commercial Waste Ordinance (Gewerbeabfallverordnung) and the law on packaging (Verpackungsgesetz), German industry is facing new challenges. Companies in the waste-disposal and recycling sector are now asking what impetus can be expected in the market and in technology as a result of this new framework. The perfect platform to explore answers to this […]

New Ways of Consuming Feature New Ways of Waste Behavior

The volume and composition of post-consumer and business wastes has changed beyond recognition through the post-war era, and continues to change in response to the growing shift towards online shopping, increasingly sophisticated home delivery options, smart domestic appliances, and even tailored, ready-to-cook meals delivered to the door. These new ways of consuming, caused by advances […]

Adelaide Installs Combined First Solar and Methane Power Plant

It is believed to be a first in Australia: the new combined solar and methane power plant in South Australia. The installation will channel thermal energy from solar panels and methane gas from decomposed garbage through a shared turbine inter-connector. A generator will then convert the two sources of energy into electricity to be fed […]

China: Ready for Foreign Investors?

Chen Guangbiao is the founder of Chinese Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. The company procured him an asset of estimated 600 million Euro. In the Western World Chen Guangbiao became known announcing in December 2013 to buy the New York Times – alternatively CNN, Washington Post oder Wall Street Journal. News agency Reuters cited […]

Kenya Bans Plastic Bags

On the 28th of August this year, Kenya implemented a national plastic shopping bags ban, international media reported. According to the provided information, the law makes it illegal to use, import and manufacture plastic bags. Exemptions exist for those producing plastic bags used for industrial purposes. The violation of the ban will cost a maximum […]

China‘s Organic Waste Treatment: Still Facing Challenges

Since 2001 China began to install sanitary landfills in large and coastal cities, dumps were to be closed. From 2006 on, small and middle towns as well as developed counties got sanitary landfills and leachate treated plants. The rural areas were neglected. The Five-Year-Plan for 2011 – 2015 defines the development of an circular economy […]

Indonesia: Priority Is on Waste-To-Energy

Approximately 70 percent of the 64 million tons of solid waste generated in Indonesia each year is sent to substantially unsani­tary landfills. According to researchers and media, the recycling rate is about 2 percent (in urban regions: 7.5 percent). This situation is set to change. “Waste management has always posed an issue in the country”, […]

Global E-Waste Management Market

Zion Market Research has published a new report titled “E-Waste Management Market by Type (Trashed and Recycled), by Source (Household Appliances, IT & Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 – 2021“. According to the report, distributed by Market Research Store, the global demand for e-waste management was valued […]

East & Southeast Asian E-Waste Monitored

The use and amount of electric and electronic devices is growing steadily, and so does the resulting waste of this equipment. Such as the supply chains of these products, their reverse chains at end-of-life are growing and getting more and more international. East & Southeast Asia is no exemption, but as a key region in […]