An Integrated Waste Management System for Western Macedonia

About one year ago, Greece’s first PPP (Public Private Partnership) integrated waste management system project in Western Macedonia, Municipality of Eordaia, went operational. According to InvestEU, it was built at a cost of 50 million Euro. This sum includes 17 million Euro from the contractor, 26 million Euro in EU funding and loans, and six […]

Greece – A Late Developer in Recycling

“The country’s waste management situation is a major structural problem. Greece landfills the majority of its municipal waste (81 percent, compared to 31 percent for the EU-28 average), with only 16 percent being recycled (EU-28: 27 percent) and four percent composted (EU-28: 15 percent)”, the EU Commission stated in an Environmental Implementation Review on Greece […]

Circular Economy in the European Union

According to the European Union, the new rules – based on the Circular Economy package presented in December 2015 – will make the community of states the global front-runner in waste management and recycling. On 22 May this year, the European Council approved a set of measures to make the waste legislation fit for the […]

Thailand Hit by the Coming Tidal Wave of Western Waste

South and Southeast Asian nations could become the next after Thailand to be hit by a tidal wave of electronic and plastic wastes, the Basel Action Network has warned. The BAN warning follows the dramatic decision by China to block imports of waste. Even before this decision, Chinese waste traders, facing increasing import restrictions, moved […]

China‘s Import Ban: A Drama for the Recycling Branch?

Several times China has complained about the quality of imported waste. However, the lately implemented ban seems to be a surprise to the waste exporting businesses. Surendra Patawari Borad, Chairman of plastics committee at the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), once said about Europe and the U.S.: “If China gets a cold, we get a […]

Plastic Recycling on the Rise in Ghana

The Dow Chemical Company officially launched a coalition – named the Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE) – in an event held in Accra, Republic of Ghana. The aim is to improve plastic waste management in the country in collaboration with Coca-Cola, Fan Milk, Guinness, PZ Cussons, Unilever, and Voltic under the auspices of […]

Bulgaria: “All Beginnings Are Hard“

In Bulgaria, recycling of municipal waste including composting remains relatively low with 25 percent compared to the European average of 44 percent. In 2014 the recycling rate actually decreased in comparison to 2013 by 3 percent. Composting remains at a very low level of two percent. And the country still has one of the highest […]

Singapore: Heading for Zero Waste

In October last year, several trade associations and chambers (TACs) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to contribute to a more sustainable living environment and further Singapore’s goal of becoming a zero-waste nation. The signing of the agreement took place at the presence of Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Environment and Water Resources, Amy […]

Solid Waste Management Market to Grow

Solid Waste Management Market will exceed 340 billion US-Dollar by 2024, as reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc. According to the information, ongoing adoption of optimized treatment techniques coupled with rising environmental concerns will drive the solid waste management market size. Increasing generation of municipal solid waste owing to large scale […]

Which waste management companies plan to extend their market in SE Europe?

Composting, waste-to-energy, recycling industrial, agriculture, construction and e-waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, modernization of waste collection sites – these are some of the priorities of the national programs for more sustainable and professional waste management in the countries of South-East Europe. For 9th year in a row one event gives an opportunity to the internationally […]