Positive Verdict from Global Tire Producer

Swedish-based company Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB has received a positive response from an international tire manufacturer which has carried out extensive quality tests on Enviro’s recycled carbon black, EnviroCB.

Thomas Sörensson
(Photo: Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB)

As reported, the test result confirms that Enviro’s material performs on parity with virgin carbon black in terms of the characteristics of rubber intended for certain types of tires. It also gives the green light for moving forward according to plan with testing recycled carbon black as a component in newly produced tires. “The tire producer has high quality demands since tires are safety products,” Enviro stated. “They are working with a long-term perspective to increase the share of recycled material in their tires, both from an environmental perspective and in a future scenario where there may be a shortage of raw materials.”

According to Enviro, the company‘s objective is to establish recycling facilities for end-of-life tires on a global market. The more commercial outlets there are for recycled carbon black, the larger this market will be, the management is convinced. Enviro has presented the recycled carbon black, with a commercially verified quality level, to a number of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, and several of them are currently carrying out rigorous testing.

“The deal with AnVa Polytech, which delivers components containing recycled carbon black to Volvo Cars, has been an important step on the path to future deals. Each application approved by the industry means increased opportunities for Enviro’s plant sales”, said Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.


Photo: pixabay