Shredding Technology Helps to Solve Waste Problem

An increased amount of waste forced Jeju City, the capital of Jeju Province in South Korea, to rethink their current situation.

The city has grown quite rapidly since the 1970s and has a population of over 600,000. Every year, Jeju welcomes more than 14 million visitors from mainland Korea, Japan and China. However, with the expanding population and the growing number of tourists, the input stream has increased from 150 to 350 tons per day. That is why the city decided to make 200 tons per day of solid recovered fuel (SRF) to supply the SRF consumers.

Metso’s pre-shredder M&J 4000S was chosen to do the job and has helped to solve the municipality’s problem, shredding more than 400 tons of municipal solid waste per day. According to the customer, ACI Chemicals Asia Inc, the machine has surpassed the expectations. As is emphasized by the provider, M&J shredding technology is “based on extremely aggressive knife designs and open cutting tables. These distinct technical advantages ensure our shredders provide outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials”. These key features would make the stationary M&J PreShred 4000 extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and waste normally considered as nonshreddable, including solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks.

Photo: Metso

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