Wrap Film Made from Recycled Material

Polish company FOL-GOS is offering ecological stretch films suitable for wrapping waste, which are made of recycled materials and are recyclable as well.

As reported, the multilayer structure of the products (stretch-ability: 50 to 70 percent) ensures high barrier properties. Furthermore, the films are dedicated to all types of wrappers available on the market. FOL-GOS was founded in 2012. From the beginning, the company has been involved in the production of stretch film.

The manufacturer cooperates with the Center for Commodity Research, a special-purpose company at the University of Economics in Poznań Sp. z o.o. to examine quality and properties of its products. “Comparative tests of our film with other competitive films (domestic and foreign) produced from primary raw materials confirmed our good quality and usable parameters of our film, comparable to the parameters produced from the original raw material,” the company informs.

(GR22020, Page 12)