Aim: A New Plastic Recycling Concept “Made in Finland”

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the City of Nokia aim to develop a new type of plastic recycling concept in the ECO3 business park for the bio and circular economy in Nokia. The partners are confident, that this would enable the creation of new business based on the industrial development of plastic recycling and recycled plastic.

According to the information, developing new concepts for the use of recycled plastic will provide tangible support for Nokia‘s urban strategy. “In the best case scenario, this will offer a way of raising the efficiency of plastic recycling and increase opportunities for Nokia citizens to become pioneers in material recycling.”

As announced, the study “will result in a plant concept created by VTT, allowing the planning of business operations on an industrial scale. The contents of the plant concept are affected by issues such as the volumes and quality of plastic material streams, the availability of potential new technology, the development needs of companies operating in the area, interest shown by international and domestic companies, and the suitability of transport connections for materials transport. The goal is to convert recycled plastic into a material equivalent to virgin plastic.” VTT‘s study also includes an analysis of the key technological implementation alternatives, an initial estimate of the investment and operating costs of recycled plastic production, and an analysis of prospective investors and companies, the Finnish research center said. The concept is provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

A new kind of industrial scale, multi-sector bio and circular economy business zone is becoming a reality in the ECO3 business park, VTT emphasized. Its area is located in the Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park in Nokia. As reported, this competence center is also a demonstration and piloting environment, developed by the City of Nokia and Verte Oy, the City of Nokia‘s development company, in cooperation with companies and universities.