Plastics Recycling Awards Europe Honor Successful Recycling Innovations

Plastics Recyclers Europe has announced the winners of the first Plastics Recycling Awards Europe on 25th of April in Amsterdam.

“The very high standard and number of entries we received for each category is a testament to the growing range of consumer and industrial applications in which recycled plastics and recycling technology are being used. They are making a huge contribution towards conserving resources, reducing CO2 and sustaining the circular economy”, said Ton Emans, awards judge and President of Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Willemijn Peeters was awarded Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year. “She has put the full force of her personality and very considerable capabilities into establishing an initiative to prevent plastics from ending up in the environment, by helping businesses implement more sustainable ways of producing and distributing goods,” commented Ton Emans. “She has done this by herself, not as part of a larger organization.”

An innovative, sustainable solution

The Beaulex balls of DS Smith Plastics, winner in the category Building & Construction Product, replace the use of old tires for rainwater buffering systems under hardened surfaces and can easily be dug up and recycled again. “The product is an innovative, sustainable solution for better rainwater management and an application for recycled plastics we had not seen before,” judged Karen Laird, editor of Plastics News Europe.

The Recycled Plastic Consumer Lifestyle Product of the Year goes to household appliances manufacturer Arçelik A.Ş for the Grundig vacuum cleaner made from WEEE recycled plastics. Used appliances are collected, delivered back, disassembled and eventually used in the manufacturing of new products. “The wonderful thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it looks like any other: shiny and functional, having the same properties as any other product made out of virgin plastics,” explained Ton Emans.

A real advance

The Systalen Primus HDPE – honored as best Recycled Plastic Packaging Product – is an example of a high-quality bottle made from recycled HDPE material that looks as if it is made from virgin material. “This used only to be possible using PET,” Karen Laird noted. “This is a winner because it is a real advance that has been successfully implemented.”

Mondi has developed the PE-based BarrierPack Recyclable sustainable flexible packaging material that is fully recyclable and still offering exceptional mechanical properties. “This is an extremely important step forward in the development of barrier packaging materials,” Karen Laird justified the winning of the Technology Innovation in Plastics Recycling award.

A wide range of industry themes

The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe were presented at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe. The event brought together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors to showcase innovative technology, share best practice, network and do business. The PRS Europe conference examined a wide range of the latest industry themes including technology and innovation, market and trends as well as the regulatory background.

Photo: Plastics Recyclers Europe