Orkel’s Aim: “Waste is a resource, do not waste it, bale it!”

In general, circular economy, waste to energy and zero waste goals are not merely fancy concepts, but concepts that need to be urgently implemented worldwide. The company Orkel, based in Norway, has tackled those issues and thus developed the Orkel Compaction Technology to deliver innovative solutions to the waste management Industry.

Photo: Orkel AS

Therefore, the Hi-X Compactor was designed to allow efficient baling of fine materials like RDF, solid waste, compost, saw dust and many others. Now, this robust solution achieves specific benefits in baling both fine and rougher materials.

It all started when Orkel understood the huge potential and needs in the waste management segment. Certainly, turning waste into a resource is a strategic and profitable solution. Moreover, waste can be a highly valuable resource, and the best use and management of materials can generate a very positive impact on the environment and contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. And this is extremely important for the Norwegian-based company since the whole team is very concerned about sustainability and works constantly to find solutions to reduce the human impact on nature and divert waste from landfills in the near future: A virtuous cycle that can be a benefit for everyone and the generations to come.

Photo: Orkel AS

According to Orkel, customers in Norway, Portugal, Italy, United States, Chile, and recently Taiwan are already bailing waste and maximizing their logistics with the Orkel Hi-X Compactor. Especially the case of Orkel’s newest customer in Taiwan shows that the company was able to see that the advantages go beyond easy transport and efficient handling. Therefore, the additional advantages should not be forgotten: reduced volume, simplified storage, reduced fire risk, no odor, and control over materials. In other words, the customers can be sure that materials do not end spreading in the wind, or end up in the city, roads, agricultural fields or worst case, in oceans and nature.

Hence, the Orkel Hi-X can convert the waste problem into a solution by saving time, money and storage space and thus the company is pursuing their aim: Waste is a resource, do not waste it, bale it!


Photo: Orkel AS

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