REN Clean Skincare with Partners SABIC and Aptar Wins Beauty Shortlist Award in Best Beauty Brand – Recycling Category

SABIC is proud to announce that a successful collaboration between REN Clean Skincare and Aptar in the development of an innovative new EVERCALM™ Global Protection Day Cream airless packaging made with certified circular polypropylene (PP) has resulted in the acknowledgement of REN Clean Skincare as “Best Beauty Brand in the Recycling (innovation)” category of the 2021 Beauty Shortlist (BSL) Awards.

REN Clean Skincare was particularly recognized for pioneering their Infinity Recycling technology using ISSC Plus certified circular polymers from SABIC. The material is produced with feedstock from advanced recycling of mixed used plastics that would otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration. Third-party mass balancing confirms the recycled content used in production and conversion of the plastic material to the ultimate application. The ISCC Plus accreditation also provides traceability throughout the partners’ entire value chain from the feedstock to the final product.

Picture: SABIC

Implementing the technology, REN Clean Skincare has relaunched its EVERCALM™ Global Protection Day Cream in the world’s first commercial beauty packaging made with SABIC certified circular polymer by Aptar Beauty + Home, a global leader in packaging and dispensing systems for the cosmetics industry. The packaging material lends the best-selling moisturizer the same level of protection and high quality consumer appeal as comparable virgin plastic.

Committed to transforming all its packaging to be recyclable, containing recycled materials or being reusable, REN Clean Skincare wanted to implement a circular solution that can provide a transparent look and feel while also supporting the complex assembly of parts requiring tight tolerances, such as for airless packaging systems. SABIC’s certified circular PP polymers are used for the container, the closure and other parts of the EVERCALM™ day cream airless packaging, ensuring that these requirements are met without compromising on aesthetics.

More information on the Beauty Shortlist Awards can be found here.

Source: SABIC (Sittard, The Netherlands, March 05, 2021)