National Sword – No Need for Fear!

Norway-based Tomra Sorting Recycling has published an e-book to help recycling companies to meet China’s National Sword standard.

The People’s Republic of China had sent shock waves through the recycling industry by requiring much recyclable material arriving in the country to have purity levels greater than 99.5 percent. According to Tomra Sorting Recycling, the e-book contains advice on how to meet the new rules for sending recyclable materials to China. It “aims to address widespread concerns about China’s National Sword standard, introduced to the World Trade Organization in July 2017 and fully implemented on the first of March 2018, which demands higher purity levels in recyclable materials entering the country. This standard is expected to be expanded to include a total of 16 materials by the end of this year, and to add a further 16 materials by the end of 2019.” Tomra’s e-book explains why, for businesses striving to meet the new standard, adding more manual pickers is not a sustainable option, and why sensor-based mechanical solutions are financially smarter. The publication titled ‘National Sword – No Need for Fear!’ is available online at and downloadable free-of-charge.

Photo: Tomra

GR 2/2018