New Ash and Metal Recycling Plant in Denmark

In March this year, Danish company Meldgaard has opened its newest facility for the recycling of incineration ash and heavy metal processing in Kolding, Denmark.

According to the information, the plant is the “newest of its kind in the world” and consolidates the company, which is processing more than 1.2 million tons of waste-to-energy ash per year from operations in Europe and the USA, as an international leader in waste-to-energy ash recycling within the circular economy. As reported, the Kolding plant provides “state of the art cutting edge solutions to handle ever-growing international requirements”.

Municipal and industrial waste includes a large array of metals like steel, iron and expensive metals such as copper, brass, silver, gold and aluminum, to name but a few. The plant realizes a complete ash recycling circle for all materials, Meldgaard assured. All metals would be sorted and sent to the smelters for recycling. The resulting ash aggregate “is then sold for use in construction and road projects where it can replace virgin materials such as sand and sub-base. This leads to cost reduction in the construction projects as well as reduces the burden on extraction of natural raw materials.”

Photo: Meldgaard

GR 3/2018