India: Waste Treatment Plant Inaugurated

As reported by The Times of India, in December last year a new facility was inaugurated in Noida.

According to the information, it is able to process 40 tons per hour. The so-called waste remediation plant is a joint venture of the Indian company Zigma Global Environ Solutions Pvt Ltd. and the South Korean firm Forcebel Co. Ltd., a private sector company working in waste treatment and waste-to-energy field. The remediation process consists of three steps: stabilization, segregation and disposal. For the stabilization, the waste will be converted into windrows and sprayed with bio-culture to prevent smells, flies and pathogens and to reduce moisture. Then the waste will be sorted by machines into refuse-derived fuel (RDF), soil conditioner/good earth, stone/inert and scrap. In a third step, the disposal takes place: The RDF will be transported to cement factories, the soil/earth will be used in horticulture and the stones in road construction or embankment, and the scrap will be sold to recyclers.