Grapples for Better Handling of Bulk Materials

Caterpillar’s new orange-peel grapples GSH420 and GSH520 are designed for a wide range of applications.

Photo: Caterpillar

According to the information, handling shredded scrap (long structural beams, car bodies) is as well included as handling rocks at construction sites and waste at recycling and transfer stations. The performance and efficiency of the new Cat grapples, which are to replace the GSH15B series grapples, help waste-handling operations, meet the challenges of increased environmental regulation, growing pressure to recycle a mix of materials and stringent budgets, the provider emphasized.

“The new grapples feature horizontal placement of the cylinders, thus creating a profile that allows for effective material penetration and efficient bulk-material handling. The design enhances the strength, reliability, and durability of the new grapples, which are available in four-tine and five-tine shell configurations and in closed or semi-open versions. In addition, the GSH420 and GSH520 feature a redesigned rotation system. The new grapples are designed to work with the Cat MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 material handlers.”

Photo: Caterpillar

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