A Convenient Combination for Screening and Shredding

In processing biomass and waste wood, it takes efficient purpose-designed machinery to get the best results from varying feedstocks.

Komptech, an international technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and biomass, has studied different processing methods very closely regarding output quality and operating costs. In tests of high and low-speed shredders, throughput and energy consumption were measured, and the granular size composition was determined by screening. To evaluate operating costs, the company compared single-stage processing with high and low-speed shredders and two-stage processing with a combination of low-speed shredder and screener to return overlengths. As reported, the two-stage version turned out to be the most economical setup, taking due account of various conditions. “In this context, it is naturally important that the low-speed shredder have a certain ‘resistance’ to metallic contraries, as are often present in used wood,” Komptech gave account.

Effective and economical: Crambo and Multistar One

In these tests, biomass and waste wood processing was most effective when a Multistar One star screen was used. Shredding is done by an upstream Crambo. The Multistar One then separates out a defined useful fraction and returns the overlengths to the shredder. With a feed hopper for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with four meters height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220°, the Multistar One provides a throughput of up to 200 cubic meters per hour.

The current for the electric motors can come either directly from the grid or from a combination of an additional hydraulic pump on the shredder and a hydraulic generator on the star screen. With its compact crane lift frame and variable conveyors for flexible setup plus electric drive, the Multistar One is a very efficient as well as economical star screen, the provider underlined. The drive train of the Crambo direct shredder would combine the functionality of hydraulic drive with the efficiency of mechanical drive. “That means top economy while retaining all benefits like overload protection, reversibility and adaptation to the material.”


Photo: Komptech

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