Dutch Company is Building a Plant in the UK

In July 2019, Dutch N+P Group BV intends to produce alternative fuels at its new Subcoal Energy Pellet Production Plant in Teesside, UK.

Subcoal is a technology to upgrade RDF (refuse-derived fuel) and SRF (solid recovered fuel) into pellets which replace such as lignite, bituminous coal and pet coke in power plants and in lime as well as cement kilns. According to the information, the plant will produce 187,500 tons/year of Subcoal pellets.

As described, the calorific value of the product will be above 20 megajoule/kilogram, moisture content at about five percent and chlorine content at about 0.8 percent. “In addition, the pellets are odorless, dust free and hydrophobic, which means that the fuel can be handled very easily,” N+P underlined. “One other key feature of Subcoal is that it contains more than 50 percent biogenic material which is extremely interesting to the major energy consumers at a time where carbon credit prices are ‘rocketing’.”

As reported, the new Teesport facility will supply pellets to different outlets including Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE) for use in its 220MW coal-fired power station conversion to 100 percent waste-derived fuel. SAE acquired the Uskmouth coal-fired power station in Wales earlier this year, and the parties have made a fuel agreement to supply nearly a million tons per annum to the Uskmouth power station, once it has been converted. This means that in addition to the Teesside plant, N+P have to build and commission a further three Subcoal facilities to support the contract with SAE.


(GR 12019S)