Perfect Shredding with the Komptech Terminator

With the Terminator, Komptech offers the ideal machine for the defined preshredding of waste for recycling or thermal reclamation. It is very tough, contrary-resistant and highly flexible – qualities that make this universal shredder successful in a wide range of applications.

Generally speaking, waste needs to be shredded before it can undergo further processing, whether for recycling or fuel use. The Komptech Terminator is the perfect shredder for an extremely wide range of applications. Whether for waste wood, mixed construction waste, household or bulky waste, commercial waste, tires or special applications like white goods or electronics waste, the Terminator does more than just shred. It generates exactly the grain size range that is best suited for subsequent processing.

It was the Terminator that established technology leader Komptech’s reputation as a developer and builder of especially tough and well-designed machines. This low-speed single-shaft shredder can be used on all types of waste. With three different shredding units (U, F and XXF) it can do everything from coarse preshredding to reducing materials to a defined particle size. Experience in operation shows that the Terminator works dependably and without stoppages, regardless of the type of waste.

No stoppages, dependable material output

The efficient cutting geometry of the Terminator claims a high throughput with relatively low power expenditure. The grain size is easy to set at any time by adjusting the cutting gap between the counter comb and the drum. This cutting gap remains constant during shredding, ensuring consistent output quality. The large drum diameter prevents wraparounds from tapes, belts and wires. The drum also has an automatic reversing function that acts as an overload protection, as well as performing a self-cleaning function. With the wide, high output channel and powerful conveyor system, shredded material is reliably discharged without blockages, even at high throughput.

Photo: Komptech

Stationary and mobile versions with many uses

Komptech offers the Terminator in stationary and mobile versions. The stationary Terminator can be hydraulically or mechanically powered. It is also available with electro-mechanical drive, which integrates very well in existing large-scale systems.

The mobile Terminator is offered in hook, trailer, or tracked chassis versions. The hook version has a towing connection for on-site repositioning. The trailer version features air-cushioned axles and integrated positioning capability for added convenience. The tracked version with two-stage drive maneuvers easily on unhardened surfaces.

Type V – Versatile in many ways

Tough, stoppage-free and well-designed – three key characteristics of the newest addition to the Terminator family: the Type V. V stands for “Versatile,” in terms of the materials this impressive machine can handle and its very wide range of applications. The modular idea played a major role in the development, and the ability to easily replace all major components was designed in from the beginning. Thus, all future variants can be integrated into a single basic layout. With the Type V, for the first time, an optional reshredding unit under the drum is available, further expanding the range of possible grain sizes.

(GR 32019, Page 18-Advertorial, Photo: Komptech)