Molinari: Shredders and Granulator “Made in Italy”

At Ecomondo 2019, which takes place in Rimini (Italy) from 5th to 8th November, the Italian manufacturer of recycling machinery, Molinari, will present its portfolio.

Photo: Molinari

The company provides a complete range of shredders and granulators, “able to face any challenge of shredding”. According to the manufacturer, these machines “have been designed to treat various types of waste, especially rubber, plastics, industrial and urban waste, end life tires, wood, latex, aluminum and polyurethane”. By its own account, Molinari has developed to become a leading supplier of the environmental technologies for recycling and processing waste materials.

This year Ecomondo will highlight the new trends relating to the bio-economy, the different trends of the circular economy including packaging, building, electronics and the automotive industry and promote a new cultural model with strategies for the development of the main realities of the green economy. “Here Molinari is one of the leading suppliers of shredding technologies and of conveying systems. Its team provides to customers with top-quality facilities for processing a wide variety of materials to obtain a homogeneous result that is free from foreign objects.”

(GR 32019, Page 19, Photo: Molinari)