ProDIGIT: Software to Optimize Waste Treatment

With its ProDIGIT operating software, the internationally active Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH is optimizing the market for sorting and processing plants in the recycling sector.

As reported, the ProDIGIT software offers operators of sorting plants material flow-optimized waste treatment, significantly increasing the efficiency of their various plant components. “The software uses data from material detection and process parameters,” Sutco informed. “Data from Sutco bunker management are used in addition. This ensures predictive bunker discharge, avoiding the occurrence of unwanted simultaneities here. Sorting plant shutdowns are prevented and availability and throughput markedly increased. This is made possible using simulation and intelligent prioritization.”

The simulation would also ensure that, in the bunkers, the material quantity needed for consistent bale production is drawn at the right point into the bale press. The result: every bale is of the desired weight and length. Additionally, the energy consumption of the bunker press system is optimized, fuel is saved and machine technology conserved.  According to Sutco, this leads to lower maintenance and repair costs.

“The increased level of automation in the waste sorting process allowed by the new ProDIGIT software improves the plant’s efficiency and increases throughput while achieving the best possible output quality results,” the company underlined. The software is already being used successfully in plants and is constantly being further developed by Sutco’s internal R&D department. “Features for the best possible operational support, such as the function to determine optimal maintenance intervals that are adapted to the actual level of wear, are currently being developed.”

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 45, Photo: Sutco)