Testing for Recyclability

US-American manufacturer of plastic decking and railing Trex Company offers to test the recyclability of polyethylene packaging applications.

According to the company, it aims at helping manufacturers overcome the hurdle of the risk of remaining product contamination in the package/film after use and the risk of contamination for non-recyclable “look-a-like” packages/films. Therefore, it is offering free recyclability testing to packaging engineers, manufacturers and brand owners through its NexTrex Recycling Program. “Each year, Trex diverts more than 400 million pounds of plastic film, bags and wrap from landfills and uses it to manufacture its industry-leading composite decking, which is made from 95 percent recycled material,” a press release underlined.

“Among its largest sources are retailers and makers of consumer packaged goods who partner with Trex to responsibly dispose of plastic shopping bags and polyethylene film used to wrap products and pallets. This testing validates whether the material is capable of being recycled in the Trex recycling stream.” Once packaging samples have been approved by the manufacturer, companies may qualify for a Trex Commercial Recycling Partnership. In addition to providing competitive compensation for recycled materials, the company works with its recycling partners to make the collection and transportation of materials as easy as possible.


Photo: stux / pixabay

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