Sweden: New Sorting Plant for Plastic Packaging

After a construction period of one and a half year, some months ago the official commissioning of the largest Swedish sorting system for plastics took place in Motala (Östergötland province).

The operator of the fully automatic system – supplied by German plant engineering company Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH – is the Swedish organization of Svensk Plastervinning (formerly Plastkretsen). This organization is responsible for the recycling of plastic packaging waste from households in Sweden.

As reported, the plant aims at recycling all plastic packaging to provide new plastic products for the Swedish market. According to the information, the sorting system is customized to the requirements of the Swedish market: It is equipped with 19 near-infrared (NIR) machines, will be operated in 3-shifts at an annual capacity of 115,000 tons – 20 tons per hour – and is thus the largest and most efficient plant for sorting plastic packaging in Europe.


Photo: Sutco

(GR 32019S)