Lithuania Said Yes to Plastic Pact

On 6 March, Denmark, Finland, France, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania expressed support to the Plastics Pact initiative. 

The European Plastics Pact is a frontrunner initiative, bringing together the leading countries and private organisations from the entire plastics value chain and from across the European Economic Area. The commitments set in the Pact are more ambitious than the requirements laid down in the European Union legislation and instruments: the Pact objectives are more specific, quantified and planned to be achieved more quickly.

Plastic Pact is another step taken by our freedom generation alongside such initiatives as: plant shelter, first in the market mobile drone to tackle air pollution or Utenos trikotažas – the only company in the world to work entirely according to Greenpeace environmental standards.

We are saying yes to:

  • Making all plastic packaging and single-use plastic products reusable where possible, and in all cases recyclable
  • Reducing the need for virgin plastic products and packaging by at least 20%
  • Increasing the collection, sorting and recycling capacity of all plastics used in packaging and single-use products in participating countries by at least 25 percentage points
  • Boosting the use of recycled plastics as much as possible, with an average of at least 30% recycled plastics across single-use plastic products and packaging

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Source: Brand Lithuania Unit (06.03.2020)