Joint Venture in China

Danish Bjørn Thorsen A/S group and Chinese Chongqing Tech­xanadu Industrial Co., Ltd. have launched a new joint venture, the company Nordic Grafting & Compound Solutions Co., Ltd. (NGCS), located in Chongquing (China).

Based on licensing agreements with its European founding partners, NGCS will be scoped to produce advanced specialty compounds and compatibilizers (which can be used, inter alia, as a coupling agent for glass fiber, modifier to enhance the physical properties of recycled blends and adhesion promoter on polar surfaces). The aim is to replace non-recyclable thermoset solutions with recycled thermoplastic ones. According to the information, the company will provide the affiliates of the Bjørn Thorsen A/S group (Customized Compound Solutions A/S – CCS, Nordic Grafting Company A/S – NGC) and their Chinese partner with a capability to provide specialty products to the increasingly demanding Chinese market. These differentiated solutions would be built around the features of the Acti-Tech compatibilizer range developed by NGC, as well as on some proprietary tailored developments from CCS. The joint venture “will also aim to contribute to the development of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic recyclates in China, enhancing the quality and properties of these materials”, a press release said. “This will undoubtedly enable new application opportunities in collaboration with leading Chinese companies.”

(GR12020, Page 14)