Sorton: Turn-Key Facilities by Calaf Constructura

Starting in 2020, Calaf Constructura will use the brand Sorton for the design and construction of turnkey waste treatment facilities. The brand already offers all the solutions for the design of industrial facilities dedicated to the selection of waste or other materials. We also have a long journey through different sectors, such as mineral facilities, bulk or water treatment facilities, glass, plastic or packaging recovery facilities and paper as well as cardboard selection facilities.

Sorton represents the solution for the environmental industry and organizations that need to revalue, classify or recycle any type of material or waste. The team wants to contribute to improving the environment most efficiently and sustainably possible. The R&D&I studies department and specialized partners integrate multidisciplinary engineers and professionals who are responsible for the study, resolution and profitability. Sorton treasures the largest specialized TRADE HUB in the sector, guaranteeing the achievement of all the challenges of the company’s clients.

Photo: Calaf Constructura / Sorton

The company combines talent with technical capacity: extensive experience in research, development and innovation allows us to provide increasingly complex solutions to offer the greatest revaluations. Through our service of pre-project studies and implementation and project management assistance services, we offer assistance independently and without commitment to future collaboration in the project.

Sorton has an enormous number of references in the sector of mineral recovery facilities, in the sector of facilities for the selection of plastic and glass waste, in separating glass from the rest of MSW materials or classifying it by colors, in metal and paper and cardboard sorting facilities and finally in bulk recovery facilities. Accordingly, we have experience in different sectors and numerous countries in North and South America as well as in Europe.

The Sorton solution takes hold in the Zero Waste movement of the European Union. This increasingly widespread movement encompasses all business actions to reach a circular and much more sustainable economy. Sorton not only participates in this “economy of the future” but also allows companies to participate in this movement through profitable options for them. The economic benefits of Sorton solutions add to the different environmental benefits of our solutions, which are less harmful to the environment.

(GR12020, Page 18/Advertorial, Photos: Calaf Constructura / Sorton)