New Food Waste Processing Facility in Indonesia

Tidy Planet, a technique provider for organic waste, has partnered with shredding expert Untha UK to supply an industrial-scale solution for a new multi-million-pound Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) at a gas pipeline expansion project in Indonesia.

As reported, Tidy Planet has previously worked on a variety of composting projects in the global oil and gas sector. This latest venture would require numerous processes to treat plastic, metal and wood wastes as well as five additional tons of food waste generated per day at a liquid gas plant in Tanguhh. “Processing of the large volume of food wastes will be achieved with a commercial-scale version of Tidy Planet’s Dehydra Dewatering system and two B2500s – the largest Rocket Composter the company manufactures”, the company informed. Following a year-long tendering process, the Cheshire-based firm has also teamed up with Untha UK, which would supply an LR1000 wood shredder and an RS30 four-shaft plastic shredder as part of the bid for the IWMF. Other UK organizations are also involved in the waste management overhaul, supplying can baling systems, control packages, and packing/crating services.

(GR22020, Page 18, Photo: Tidy Planet)