Yarn Collection Made of Recycled Materials

Belgian company European Spinning Group (ESG) offers an upcycled yarn collection of recycled cotton, recycled denim or recycled polyester, blended with virgin raw white and dope dyed fibers for environmentally friendly circular fabrics with optimal performance.

As reported on www.circulary.eu, more than 40,000 kilograms of post-consumer material was recycled and upcycled with the ESG “Green” collection. The recycled post-consumer yarns of the denim collection would generate the following environmental savings (per kg):

  • 50 % Denim / 50 % Tencel: 3,485 liters (l) water, 1.58 kilogram (kg) CO2 emission, 6.32 kilowatt-hours (kWh) energy.
  • 25 % Denim / 25 % Tencel / 50 % Viscose: 1,743 l water, 0.79 kg CO2 emission, 3.20 kWh energy.
  • 25 % Denim / 25 % Tencel / 50 % rPET: 1,743 l water, 1kg CO2 emission, 5.40 kWh energy.

The energy use in the spinning mill is optimized by using solar energy, ESG underlined. “Designing smarter in terms of disassembly and reuse is taken into account during every step.” Furthermore, the company has initiated the #hackyourjeans project as an on- and offline platform, resulting from a cooperation between ESG and (social) industry, education, designers and network organizations. “The project entails circular product development and awareness creation on project design, eco-design, eco-awareness and social impact of the circular economy”, ESG explained.


(GR22020, Page 32, Photo: Petra Blahoutová / Pixabay)